P43 Harman, igniters, run styles, need info

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New Member
Nov 4, 2020
Hi, I have a harman P43 pellet stove it's in a real small cottage in the woods (drafty but insulated pretty good). My issue is, the igniter keeps going bad, it's usually ran with a thermostat on the wall at 68-70 degrees. Set on auto/room temp, it would kick on and off as needed, worked great for the past couple years now it's eating igniters, I'm now running it on manual/room temp, feed at 3, so it still goes by the thermostat, and goes to a low burn so stay on (don't want it shutting off, igniter bad) once the temp in the room drops below the thermostat set point it kicks up to keep the set temp. My issue is the house stays at 70 with the low burn rate, room blower will not turn on because it doesn't drop below 70 to kick a bigger fire to kick on, this makes the stove real hot making ambient heat keeping the house at 70, now with this run style it makes alot of ash build up and heat, with the room blower off most of the time and the fire at the back of the pot most of the day I'm worried about too much heat internally and damage occuring. Can anyone steer me in a better direction? Or is this okay?