P68 not feeding

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Harman P68. Gave it a good cleaning today, cleaned up the distribution blower, cleaned out the fines box, scraped the burnpot, brushed the inside, emptied the ashes, etc. All pretty normal. I double checked that all of that was put back in place and all seems right. The only change this time was I took the control panel off (not disconnected, just freed from the two screws holding it in place) and cleaned some of the dust off. I sprayed the pots with CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner.

Now it won't feed. The lights all come on when I test, including the feed light, but when I start nothing much happens. Usually I will hear the feeder get going and the fans come on, but nothing. I double checked the fines box cover, even flipped it the other way, but no difference. The door seals look normal. I double checked that the ash bucket is in there correctly. The hopper cover seals okay. I've unplugged it and waited now over an hour thinking the pots were not dry enough, but nothing different after the hour.

I'm stumped; I feel like I must be missing something simple, or maybe I did something stupid. Any ideas?
Bob, you're the best! It was the combustion fan, but nothing jamming it. This stove has a dead spot in the combustion fan which I had completely forgotten about until you mentioned the fan. One turn either way leaves the dead spot and the stove is firing again. Burgers are on me if you're ever up this way!
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