Play the Wood Chopping Game - win big.....

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Seasoned Moderator
Nov 17, 2005
Western Mass.
Well, win nothing except perhaps some bragging rights.....

Now anyone - or at least anyone with two fingers - can chop wood against some of our top Forum members!

See and play the new game at:

Note: is not responsible for replacing your keyboard when you destroy the arrow keys!

Enjoy, this is my little holiday gift to our readers....(or at least one of them).......


New Member
Oct 22, 2007
i got killed , badly! my pecking rythem seems to be just a little off, like all the rest of me.
Hard to smoke and peck at the same time; have to stop pecking to take a drag. ;-P


New Member
Oct 26, 2007
Northeastern Iowa
I chopped my toe off!
I am on my way to the ER right now!
To used to the splitter I guess.


Burning Hunk
Sep 17, 2007
14800 woohooo Now I need to go chop some real wood.

18600 second try. Now I really need to get outside before I get addicted!


Burning Hunk
Sep 17, 2007
Webmaster said:
JP. did you invent that thing? It is cool....

Additional features possible.....
a hand crank and gear system for more traction and less pushing (unit moves slower but with more torque)
a pedaling attachment with gearing

No, my cousin did. I'm just trying to help him out by spreading the word.
The skinny tire wouldn't provide enough traction as a drive wheel I don't think, not to mention the extra engineering and materials would drive the cost up to that of a small snow blower. Frankly I think he needs to get the cost down, but it does work well. Takes a little practice at first. The technique is to push a little and fill the blade, then push down quickly on the handle which throws the snow. Much easier on the back than regular shoveling.


New Member
Nov 23, 2005
middleborough, ma.
Best I can get is around 14,000


Nov 29, 2006
Suburbs west of Detroit
You guys are fast! All I could get was 10,400. :-/


Minister of Fire
Oct 24, 2006
NW Iowa
17,100 but my key board started to walk on away on the desk. I guess a little to intense for it.


New Member
Sep 11, 2007
Eastern PA
Goose is on the "juice" and is should be banned from the game or an asterick should be noted after every time he competes.


Minister of Fire
Dec 19, 2005
let's just say I figured out how to make my keyboard chop really fast!


New Member
Feb 19, 2007
Medina, NY
14,600 for me. I'll keep trying.