ps35 no light

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New Member
Feb 16, 2022
I have a PS35 pellt stove about 8 years old. there was a power pole that caught fire. the power company cut power which i think surged in my house. when the power flicked on and off it shut my stove down. would not start no power. found blown fuse. replaced fuse. powered up fine. they igniter would not light. that igniter was brand new. replaced igniter. still will not light. hand started. runs perfect for hours until up to temperature. shuts off. will not light. machine is clean. fire box fine, cleaner box door fully closed. please help.


Minister of Fire
Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
If you weren’t using any sort of surge protection, your main control board might be fried, I’m sure someone who knows your stove will chime in to clarify