Q&A Russo Stoves? - still in business

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Nov 27, 2012

On your site there is a picture of the Russo coal stove. I have a stove exactly like the one you show, which has served us very well for 8 years.

It's still in good working order, but I'd like to replace the brass fire door. The gasket seat has become uneven over the years due to a buildup of gasket cement. As a result, the air seal isn't what it used to be, plus the door glass is getting pretty ratty-looking and has some corners cracked off.

Is Russo still in business? If so could you please provide their address/phone/web site, or if you know of a local dealer where I can get parts provide info on same. I bought it from a dealer in Kutztown, but I'm not sure he's in business anymore


Russo is still in business, and are located in Eastern Mass... current phone #(781) 963-1182
<br(781) 963-1182

Also, the dealer you mention, Scandia Stoves in Kutztown, may be back in business (after closing for awhile)...Look him up also.

Link: Russo Products Inc.
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