Santa Fe vacuum switch question

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Rob M

New Member
Feb 27, 2021
I have a Qudra Fire Santa Fe that the auger wont run. I have check the vacuum hose and cleaned hose and port on the auger. I have applied vacuum to the vacuum switch with a hand held vacuum pump and auger still wouldnt run. I bypassed the vacuum switch and the auger runs and stove works. Should the vacuum switch hold vacuum? With the testing I have done I am thinking the vacuum switch is bad am I on the right path? TIA

heat seeker

Minister of Fire
Feb 25, 2011
Northern CT
The switch operates on very low negative pressure. Your pump may have damaged the switch by applying too much vacuum. From your description, it does sound like the switch is bad. If the new switch doesn't work, you probably have an airflow problem in the stove, as in it and the venting need cleaning.


Minister of Fire
Feb 7, 2010
S.E. Michigan
One stroke on a 'Mityvac' pump will rupture the diaphragm in the switch. It's very thin and should only be checked for electrical continuity, never pumped down with a vacuum pump.
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