See Through Insert in Existing Masonry See Through Fireplace? Vs. Ventless Gas log...

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Jul 6, 2021

Long time owner of a Regency NG insert in a prior home which I loved. Recently I moved and have a large see through fireplace with an old LP gas log (which is quite dirty). In starting my research on options for the see through fireplace I was hoping to install a direct vent see through insert into the space. I've spoken to several local shops and most say it can't be done... but two say it can with the WhiteMountains Tahoe See Through insert, but I'm a little skeptical. The dimensions of my fireplace are 31'' high, 44.5'' wide and 31.5'' deep... has anyone had success installing a direct vent see through insert in existing masonry, and if so how did you trim out the insert?

Up to this point I'm assuming that a ventless LP gas log is my best option but am a little concerned about moisture, fumes and soot are my concerns warranted? Am I able to vent or partially vent a ventless gas log if I have issues with moisture, fumes etc?

Thanks for the help!


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Dec 2, 2008
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I have installed back to back DV inserts in a see-thru wood burner.
It's about twice the price, of course, but each insert is in a different
room &they are operated independently.
They are trimmed out differently as well.
If there is insufficient depth for the install,
one, or both, can be bumped a couple of inches
into the room, by using deep returns on the surround(s).