For Sale SOLD- Vedolux 30 and 37

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If you always wanted a classic fan Vedolux boiler here is your last chance. We have a two refurbished Vedolux boilers available for around a 40% discount. (VEDOLUX 30 - SOLD) and one Vedolux 37. We acquired them when their original owners were upgrading or swapping out their units. We completely went over these units and have them back in great condition. They have all new ceramics and combustion tunnels and other new parts where items were worn or near end of life. We have them listed in the specials section of our website at Smokeless Heat . We have thermal storage tanks available if you need those to complete your project. These boilers should be picked up at our warehouse since they are not crated. If we need to crate any of these units to ship it would add $500. VEDOLUX 30 SOLD . We accept credit cards.
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