st croix prescott help

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Feb 7, 2021
waupaca, wi
I recently was given a st croix prescott from a buddy of mine, he used to use it in his home and one day he said the auger stopped turning (4 years ago) and he wanted the space back in his living room so he removed it and put it in his shed. He gave it to me recently and i (thanks to you guys for the past threads and answers) cleaned it all up, hooked an extention cord to the auger motor and verified that the auger motor is fine and then tried to fire it up but it wouldn't even turn on a light on the controller, i then proceeded to read on here and found a thread that someone mentioned that whenever they clean their stove they gotta clean the contacts on the thermostat area so at that moment i realized that i needed to put a wire in where the thermostat is located and upon doing so that made everything work. the stove fired up and everything seems to work as it should but i can't seem to locate a manual with the correct controller pictured in the manual. The manufacture date on the back panel of the stove says 4/05 and wh-001907. if anyone could help me find a manual so i can try to understand the controller a little more and also make sure i have all the clearances and information i need that they list in the manual. Also as you can see the fire brick on the inside is all busted up so I'm wondering if i can use the stove without any fire brick?

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Feb 25, 2011
Northern CT
Try St. Croix' web site, they had the manual for mine (a few years ago).

I wouldn't run it much without the firebrick. They did come out with metal parts that vaguely resemble brick, and are much more durable.

The St. Croix web site has some great diagrams of the airflows in the stove, and excellent tips on cleaning the stove. Very important - cleaning out the ash traps, which are often overlooked. Once you understand the airflow through the stove, cleaning it becomes a breeze. The Leaf Blower Trick is something you should learn, also.

Pay attention to lubing the Versa Grate parts, and the upper auger bushing. The auger and VG motor need the occasional oiling, also. Once you understand how it all works, maintenance is quite intuitive.

Good luck! You've got a great stove there!
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Nov 1, 2011
The panels inside the stove are not needed. Decoration. If you buy a new set it is just sheet metal with slots punched out to resemble brick. The Lancaster which is the same stove with a smaller ash pan dont have panels.
I would not worry about auger trim. If you do ever change it from default, you have to reset it everytime the stove is unplugged. It goes back to default.


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Nov 5, 2011
Kananaskis,Alberta, Canada
Oh nice, glad you have it sorted