For Sale Storage Tank Business

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We are moving out of the storage tank business. We have other business interests that involve most of my time and after making unpressurized tanks and heat exchangers for over 40 years, I am slowing down.
The tanks and heat exchangers have evolved into a very robust system that we are very happy with. We have the standard Heat Bank and a new round kit form that is quite inexpensive. Both use our stainless steel heat exchangers which are simpler, stronger, more efficient and less expensive.
These systems lend themselves to solar, wood and pellet systems.

We have built the business with no exposure in trade shows and relied solely on word of mouth and places like Hearth. Trade show exposure would bring the business to another level. I just got tired of the travel.

So, we are looking for a buyer. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. No phone calls, please.
We will discuss with serious potential buyers. A non-disclosure will be necessary at some point since there is a fair bit of in-house knowledge that is not disclosed in any patents.
We also would include in any business arrangement full access to the work we did on unpressurized wood and pellet boilers that tie with our storage systems. These were never patented and were developed partially with our wood burning mentor, Prof. Richard Hill of UM0.

Tom in Maine (Tom Gocze)
American Solartechnics
Stockton Springs, ME