Two month shutdown

jeff_t Posted By jeff_t, Jan 31, 2012 at 10:13 PM

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I lit the BK sometime in the first week of December. With the sunshine and mild temps today, I thought it was a good day. After mom left for work and the kiddos got on the bus, I shoveled out all remaining coals and ash and kicked the blower on high until it cooled off.

    I slid the telescoping connector pipe up, reached in and gave the bypass door a wiggle. I could move it some, enough to make it clunk. I called the dealer and asked about adjusting it, since there is nothing in the manual about it. They said it was fine, the weight of the door should seal it. It is a pretty substantial piece of steel, about 1/2" thick, but I didn't like that answer, so I called BK. The lady I talked to said adjust it, it should lock down tight. So I did.

    I then ran a brush down the pipe, to get maybe a cup of powdery soot. I vacuumed out the area behind the cat, ran the vac across both sides of the cat, and put it back together. Cleaned the glass and waited for UPS to bring my new section of pipe.

    I now have 15' from collar to cap. It was working OK before, but I thought it could be better. The cat seemed to light off much better. It was smoking A LOT when I closed the bypass, within two minutes was glowing red and the smoke greatly diminished, and five minutes later I couldn't see any smoke at all. And, the glass is already staying much cleaner.

    I think I'll keep it.

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