What is my Fisher Stove worth?

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Fisher Moderator
Staff member
Dec 22, 2007
Unfortunately that is the truth.

Prices are seasonal.

Prices vary due to condition.

Prices vary due to model, glass, and rarity.
(not all Fisher Stoves are as rare as sellers would like you to believe)

Prices vary due to accessories such as rare legs, feet, or screens.

Prices should reflect a model having a UL Label. (many states have adopted the International Building Codes that require UL approval to install any appliance) If there is no tag, it is not listed, even if the tag is missing.

Rare stoves for collector purposes are many times viewed as a normal price sellers think they can get, influencing price spikes.

Many sellers don’t know what they have. They just know a new stove they consider comparable is $3000 without knowing new stoves are safety tested to UL testing criteria, EPA Certified for smoke and particulate, driving up the cost and not at all comparable.

Bottom line is classic stoves are worth what buyer and seller agree upon.

Check local listings to see what the stoves are selling for in your area at any given time. Ignore the asking price, go by what they are selling for or how long they have been for sale.