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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 5, 2001 at 2:20 PM

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    We have just rented a home with two fireplaces and I have a question. I am new to fireplaces and I am ordering my first cord of wood. What should I look for when the wood is delivered. To be frank- I wouldn't know if the wood was aged 2 months or 18 months (as advertised). Also- do I have to ask for smaller split pieces for kindling or do I purchase an axe and do it myself ? Finally- I assume there is a good way and a bad way to stack a cord or face cord of wood. Any tips outside of don't lean the pile against anything. I will be storing it in my garage.


    Wood which is seasoned will have cracks or checks on the ends- and will usually have bark falling off the wood (depends on species) . Also- it will be somewhat lighter in weight than green wood. If it burns with a sizzling sound- and water runs out the ends- it's too wet...You can buy cedar kindling at many garden centers. This- or other fire starter- will help you get going quickly. If you have any old 2x4 scraps- etc. sitting around- these are useful also.
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