Where is the flue on a Whitfield Pellet Stove - FS 30 model

atheria Posted By atheria, Oct 15, 2006 at 11:05 PM

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  1. atheria

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    Oct 15, 2006
    I am trying to USE my stove in my house - the previous owners had always been
    very lax about cleaning as well as opening the flue - does anyone know where the
    flue IS and what else to do before I try to MANUALLY light this thing? The automatic
    starter broke before they even had the home... that was over three years ago.

    We've downloaded the manual and cleaned it to the best of our ability - but
    finding a person to make sure the stove is working correctly is outrageously
    expensive - especially in light of the fact that we just spent over $10,000
    to repipe the home (another sad story I will not bore you with...)

    It's getting rather cold here in Washington state and I'd like to stop shivering...

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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