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    I have a 4 story house that has a new extension added to it.

    The extension which is a single floor room, has a fireplace (fireplace is on an outside wall) with a strong downdraft always.

    The chimney height is 3 feet higher than the highest part of the roof on the extension within 10 feet.

    The fireplace always smokes and cannot be used.

    I want to know if an Extendaflue Flue Extension will help the situation.


    This product, or any height increase, might help slightly - but I have a feeling your problem might be related to other factors - specifically negative pressure in the home. What happens with this is that the taller part of your home is acting as a chimney and air rises within it. This creates a negative pressure in the one story area and pulls air down your chimney.

    The solution may involve a few steps, but the first thing to do is to try using outside air for the fireplace. There are a number of ways to do this - consult your mason, fireplace store or building supply. Additional height and a chimney cap will also help.
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