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    Hi... I'm interested in information about a wood stove that I can somehow use in conjunction with my existing natural gas furnace. What I'm looking for is something that will tie into the existing duct work so that when the wood stove is putting out heat the furnace blower will circulate the warm air. If the wood stove dies down and the temperature falls, then the furnace should kick in. I need to find out if this can be done, how much the stove would cost, how I might be able to estimate potential savings on my heating bill, and anything else I haven't thought of. Thanks for any information you can provide.


    This is a common item, and is called an "add-on" furnace. Ideally, it should be placed near to the furnace. Most models come with a wall thermostat that can regulate the heat so the home stays at a desired temperature.

    This type of furnace is not designed to go into a living area. Over the years there have been many attempts at making stoves and fireplaces that went into the living area, and then transferred their heat to the central unit. Few, if any, were ever very successful.

    My advice, buy a stove and heat the area around it...or buy a central furnace and go all the way.... Hot-Air add-on furnaces cost $1500 to $2000 and are available at certain stove dealers and also Farm and Home type outlets. They do need a separate chimney.
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