Pellet Storage Bin

May 7, 2013
Pellet Storage Bin
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    There is also a thread which may contain other ideas at:

    I have been thinking for quite some time about making a pellet storage bin for my basement. I have looked at commercial bins for ideas and finally came up with something that would be easy to dump bags into, would filter out the fines and dust, store enough Pellets for when I am out of town, and easy for my wife to use.

    I have included pictures here to show you what I came up with. I thought maybe some of the readers here would be interested in this for themselves.

    The bin is made of 3/4 CDX plywood and is basically 2 deep, 4 wide and 4 high with legs long enough to be able to slide a 5 gal bucket under the door opening. The 1.5 PVC pipe is connected to a shop vac. The bin pitch is 45* forcing the Pellets to the front slide door opening. The bin holds twelve 40lb bags that are clean and pretty much dust free.