HearthNet FAQ's

1. What is the "Hearth" Industry ?

Our Industry revolves around Fire and Comfort. Our Retail Members typically own family-operated small businesses selling and servicing one or more of the following categories:

In addition, many of our members sell casual furniture, decks, spas and other leisure products. This Industry consists of Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Servicemen and Technicians all determined to improve the state-of-the-art in Home Comfort AND Safety..

2. What is HearthNet ?

HearthNet is a creation of CHI Associates, a consulting firm with over 25 years experience in all facets of the stove and fireplace businss. The site is editorially independent, and supported by some of the leading Retailers and Manufacturers in our Industry (join us!) . Instead of having to surf all over the Net for resources, you can just Bookmark this spot--we intend to provide it all !

3. What is the current state-of-the-art in Hearth Products ?

Many folks picture the Old fashioned Fireplace or Pot Belly stove as being representative of our Industry. Those Folks would be pleasantly surprised if they set foot in a modern Hearth Shop. Hearth Products Manufacturers, in concert with designers, technicians and government and building code agencies, have produced modern and efficient appliances that are a joy to look at--and a breeze to operate. All current Woodstoves and many built-in Fireplaces meet or exceed the EPA standards for clean burning and high efficiency. The Modern Gas appliances (available in Natural Gas or Propane) are also required to meet strict standards for safety and efficiency. Bottom line, we'll get you that stove in green ! -- it'll look good and work well. For more information, see the topic Specific Information on Hearth Appliances.

4. What is the Environmental Impact of Hearth Products ?

Many Hearth Dealers started their businesses back in the late 70's, after the Three Mile Island disaster and Oil price and supply shocks. That mentality has stayed with us throughout the years, and we have pressured our suppliers to produce cleaner and more efficient stoves and fireplaces. The Hearth Industry worked closely with the EPA to invoke strict limits on the amount of pollution that can be emitted from a Wood Burning Appliance. The result--todays products burn with 1/10 the smoke as did earlier models. But, we're not stopping there - development is continuing on even cleaner appliances.

5. What are the costs involved in buying and installing Hearth Products ?

As with most products, the costs can vary. A range of popular products and price ranges are given below:

6. OK, I have the general information, but I need more!

Visit one of our other Informational areas listed below, or browse the shops to find your local Retailer.