Pellet stoves need attention to keep them in top operating condition. Your stove manual should explain how to clean the flyash from the heat exchangers of your stove and when to perform other scheduled maintenance. One thing for sure...if you neglect to service your Pellet Stove, it will simply quit working. A stuck auger, clogged exhaust, faulty circuit board or switch and any number of other problems can bring your warm stove to a cold halt.

If you have your stove manual, local dealer and the original manual to back you up - then you are probably in good shape. However, if the company that made your stove is no longer in business...or if you've moved into a house and adopted an older Pellet Stove model, then your quest for service might be more difficult. This area of HearthNet will provide basic information and links to other resources where help may be found. We are just starting construction of this area, please email if you have any suggestions or helpful links that we can include.

Area or Link Explanation
Generic Pellet Stove Diagrams and Troubleshooting Pages on this site which will help you become familiar with common Pellet Stove operation and troubleshooting
Other Sites and Resources A collection of Pellet Stove resources on the net, including a list of companies that make Pellet Stove and those who are out of business.