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'bert Posted By 'bert, Jan 21, 2013 at 9:25 PM

  1. 'bert

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    Sep 18, 2007
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    So I am thinking of trading out 2 of my saws and buying a new MS 261. Leaving would be my MS250 and my 028. I have no problem with the 250 leaving but not sure if I should part with the 028. Opinions please. I just think a MS261 would be a nice complement to my MS 361 ~ this too is open to debate.
  2. Boog

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    Oct 31, 2012
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    If you already have a 361, and are going to get a 261, I would not hesitate to get rid of both the 250 and the 028. You would have two of the best saws going and would never touch the other two. Of course "folks who live in glass houses shoudn't .........................." I have 16 saws at the moment, although I'm in a selling phase now, not a CAD disorder phase. I just sold one and have 4 more up for sale on CL at the moment. If anything I'd use the money from the sale of those two to get a real little limbimg saw, or a 440 size one to cover the top. Thats what my doctor's want me to get down too, 4 saws. In my case something like 191T, 026, 360, 440. :p
  3. lukem

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    Jan 12, 2010
    I'd go smaller than 261 if i had a 361. 192 or 180 territory....something along those lines. 361 is a capable all around firewood saw as is the 261. Go bigger or smaller.

    Just one guy's opinion.
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  4. DexterDay


    I have several saws and just bought an 028 WB.....

    So I am of NO help.... Boots case of CAD is severe and I think I caught it !!!!

    I say keep them all and buy the 261! ;)
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  5. MasterMech


    Keep the 250 for stuff under 12", the 261 has little to offer you since you have a 361 already. I'd get a short bar and a long bar for the 361 tho. Maybe 18" and a 25". Take the cash you want to spend on the 261 ($560+ tax), sell the 028 ($200) and you're well on your way (Prolly close to $800) to having a "big saw" in the stable too. (Think 660. ;) )
  6. StihlHead


    I sold all my 025/250s and replaced them with 026s and never looked back. No comparison there. The 260/261s are also better and lighter than the 028 (unless its a Super) and the basically the same size saws, so no need to keep the 028 unless you are partial to it. An 026 and 361 is my typical pair for going firewood hunting with. They are a force out in the woods or in the burbs. If you need a limber, get a 211 or similar small saw to play with. You can get them for $200 used. Going bigger is more interesting, and the 70cc range has some good saws, like the 372 or the 440. They are a lot more spendy though, and better suited to falling, bucking and noodling larger trees and rounds (bigger than about 30 inches). You can get a good used 260 or 026 for less than $300 on CL here. A good 440 is going to be $400-$500.

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