80' tulip poplar down

ScotO Posted By ScotO, May 27, 2012 at 10:01 AM

  1. ScotO


    Got an early start this morning (at the jobsite by 6:30am) and took down the first of 7 trees on this job. This poplar was around 20' from the house, so we wanted to get it out of the way. Still have the 100' poplar seen in the background and a 90' white oak in the background the rest are all around 60' to 70' red maples. The poplar logs are all gonna get milled as soon as I get my mill delivered! So far we have 6 8' logs, probably around 8 more on the other tree. Looking to make rustic benches and tables out of them. More pics as we do the trees to come.

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  2. TimJ

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    Apr 10, 2012
    Southeast Indiana
  3. ScotO


    Thanks Tim. We used a plunge cut with a steep face cut and wedges to bring it over right where we wanted it. Plus a bull rope for good measure! I always take my time to make sure it's done safe and correctly.......I take pride in my work, not to mention once that tree starts falling you CAN'T STOP IT!
  4. Oregon Bigfoot

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    May 21, 2011
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    Very nice work there!
  5. ScotO


    Thanks OB. I had to be home and ready for church by 10:30am for my oldest sons' membership confirmation so we busted our butts. We had this tree cut up, limbed and bucked, all the cordwood loaded in the trailer, the brush cleaned up and the logs moved out of the yard by 9:00am. Dropped off the cordwood from it to my buddy who has an outdoor furnace, and was home and in the shower by 9:45. Not bad for a quick morning........I'm going over early tomorrow morning to pick up the logs. We still have 6 more trees to do, will hit them this coming weekend. All told were looking at getting around 14 logs (mostly poplar, but some white oak) and probably around three to four cord of red maple and white oak firewood out of this job.
  6. bogydave

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    Dec 4, 2009
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    Looks foggy in the pics, high humidity day?

    Are the window in the house all OK?
    When trees that big hit the ground, they rattle the "richter scale"

    God job & gonna make lots of fire wood & nice benches from those trees.

    Are you going to stump-grind the stumps out?
  7. ScotO


    BD, hes gonna fill that space in and put up a pole garage, so he's letting the stumps go. I cut them off as close to the ground as I can get without hittin dirt. It was around 80* there this morning and the humidity had to be around 100%, it was totally miserable. It was so humid that my saws kept stalling, they needed retuned from the humidity! Other than that we made out OK.
  8. Thistle

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    Dec 16, 2010
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    You got that right bro.No turning back.
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