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A "Poor-Man's" Block Off Plate

Post in 'The Hearth Room - Wood Stoves and Fireplaces' started by cowtown, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. NCredneck

    NCredneck New Member

    Aug 29, 2011
    RDU area NC
    Isn't a poor mans block off plate a piece of sheet metal to hold it. Its cheap. If you just stick the insulation up there, I would think over time it could get loose and dry from heat and fall down. To me a piece of sheet metal is just a little more work, not hardly any money to speak of. I do understand the desire to want to use a stove but if you have been paying for heat via electric or gas whats a few more days.

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  2. cowtown

    cowtown Member

    Sep 10, 2011
    Alberta Canada
    Sorry, the expression "poor man's" in this instance really has nothing to do with cost.

    The installers refuse to put in the plate but will put in some Roxul. So I posed a question to the forum regarding this idea.

    The expression "poor man's" really refers to the quality of the Roxul alone vs. the Roxul and the block off plate together


  3. karl

    karl Minister of Fire

    Apr 9, 2007
    Huntington, West Virginia

    I actually thought about doing that to my floor, but I was afraid it would be too much trouble to seal it. My plan was to paint the wood with epoxy resin and then put vacuum bag material on the bottom of the joists. Hook a vacuum pump to it and pull may 10-15 inches of vacuum with a reservoir at 29 inches so the pump could cycle on an off once a day or so.

    I use vacuum pumps almost daily and they are interesting.

    My vacuum drying wood idea is better.
  4. egclassic

    egclassic Feeling the Heat

    Jan 1, 2011
    SW Ohio
    My head hurts!

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