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A very narrow window is about to close

Post in 'The Boiler Room - Wood Boilers and Furnaces' started by ISeeDeadBTUs, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. ISeeDeadBTUs

    ISeeDeadBTUs Guest

    and since my wood pile has been reduced to less than 1 full cord, I slipped through the window this weekend to get a load. Mostly stuff that was pushed over during road construction. Maple, which while it hasn't been laying on the ground, has been laying horizontal for about 7 years. This stuff is funky. Anywhere there is rot (about 50%) the punk is very heavy, obviously loaded with water. The suprising thing was that when I loaded some this AM, I didn't get the huge plume of white that I anticipated. Of course, at these outside air temps, the air can hold a lot more moisture, so that cuts down on the condensation in the air. I'm just hoping that I can mix it appropriatly with the 'good' wood I have left so that I can Make April 1.

    But with the ice storm coming, I think 'getting wood' is done for a while. Probably should have gotten the generator instal finished too . . . 8-/

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  2. Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson Mod Emeritus

    Nov 18, 2005
    Central NYS
    You know you've got a standing offer to stop by and load up your rig, Jimbo. Just give me enough notice so that I can round up the womenfolk and firewater and have them sent to a safe place.
  3. ISeeDeadBTUs

    ISeeDeadBTUs Guest

    Oh! and double the width of the access road too! I put the TruckChicks's ride into an ash tree while plowing my wood's road yesterday. The estimate on the door and mirror will cut my oil savings in half this year.

    Damn trees!! >:-(
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