Adding a programable thermostat

caseyclan Posted By caseyclan, Sep 16, 2008 at 1:36 AM

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  1. caseyclan

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    Dec 23, 2007
    I have a Quad cb1200 insert that has the "basic" wall thermostat that came with the model. I like the wall thermostat, especially where its located, but would like to have the ability to have the stove lit and warming the house by the time we get up. I did a search for any old threads discussing this topic, but couldn't find anything specific to my model. I have looked in the manual, but all I can find is "The appliance is designed to run on a 12 volt AC thermostat". I don't want anything fancy, just the ability to program an early start time. The wiring has only 2 wires (red and white) but NO labels, so I assume the red goes to R and the white to the W (on the new thermostat). I saw a backlit Honeywell that does what I want, and its reasonable. Quad makes a programable one for 149.00 (per my dealer) - not going to happen. My dealer wasn't very helpful with the wiring suggestions or if I can use the honeywell, so any suggestions, personal experiences, etc would be appreciated.
  2. DiggerJim

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    Jul 29, 2008
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    You probably don't have a "Red" in the new thermostat - it probably has an RH and an RC. You want the red wire on the RH I believe. But don't worry, the thermostat will have directions for a 2-wire install. Easy as pie to install. Just make sure it's for 12V not 24V (the latter being pretty common). It'll say on the package.
  3. imacman


    This is what I bought for my Avalon Astoria.....same set-up, 2 fine, and pretty cheap. I have the same ones on my oil heat in the house (4 zones).

    Cost about $23.00

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  4. kt1i


    Jun 18, 2008
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    Yep, looks just like mine that says Quadrafire on it and cost $100+. :zip:
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