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Advice on Insert which to buy, and question about installation.

Post in 'The Pellet Mill - Pellet and Multifuel Stoves' started by Jakethepup, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Jakethepup

    Jakethepup New Member

    Aug 3, 2008
    Central Kentucky
    Needing advice on Pellet Fireplace Inserts, I have been looking around the web and trying to decide on which brand of insert I should get and I am getting so confused, I really don’t know which way is up. I really would like to get one that would burn multi-fuel, if pellets were hard to get and then I would switch to corn or another fuel. But what I am reading the ones that do multi-fuel may not be the best choice. And the features, some say get the one with a room thermostat other manufactures state don’t get one that has a thermostat. Like I said I am so confused as which brand to purchase. Also, the home is about 22 years old and I am planning on replacing all the windows with newer windows, now they are double pane with storm windows which I hate!

    The other question I have and it may depend on the insert, but the installation is also confusing to me. I have a brick masonry fireplace the front of the opening is 44 inches wide and 30" deep, we have used it for building a fire in it but only a couple of times because it’s just too hard to clean and maintain, so you can say now it is only used for looks. So here comes the questions, will we have to install a liner? Will we have to run a pipe through the fireplace and out the top of the chimney? Next question I see that we might also might need another pipe also ran up the chimney for a fresh air intake is this true?

    Like I said I am confused, both on a model and manufacture, and I sure am confused about the instillation. I think I am going to look around locally just to see what is available, but I sure would like to know what models you guys are using and what you had to do to install your insert, I don’t mind spending the money on the fireplace or installation, but if you just stick it in the fireplace opening and seal around it I would be a sick puppy when that is something I could have done myself.

    Sorry if any of these questions are just plain dumb but if you don’t know the answers, then maybe they are not dumb questions.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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  2. slls

    slls Minister of Fire

    Jun 9, 2008
    central maine Lat 45
  3. Jakethepup

    Jakethepup New Member

    Aug 3, 2008
    Central Kentucky
    Thanks for the link it answered most of my questions.

    I have checked at several local heating and cooling places and they all said the same thing. We don't have the stoves yet and it will be 4 to 5 weeks before we get any stock, I guess every one right now is interested in staying cool other than staying warm. I did call Lowes and several other box stores and got the same results.

    So it brings me to this question, how about ordering on-line and having it shipped? I even see them on E-bay these days. Also will the manufactor have a list of local installers that I could hire to install the stove?

    I thought I might be able to install the unit myself but after thinking about it and looking at the information on the link I am still not sure about the venting, so maybe the best thing is to get a local installer and make sure it is installed correctly.

    If I order it on-line I could order any brand and according to Lowes, just as an example, they only carry a couple of brands and the local store does not provide and install.

    I think before I make my mind up I might call a few places in another city which is about 50 miles away and see what brands they carry, and if they do the install.

    Here is a few brands I am thinking about Napoleon, Harman and Austroflamm. Do you guys like one of these brands over another? Or post other brands you like, I just want a good stove and something that looks good to.

  4. pelletfan

    pelletfan Member

    Jul 24, 2008
    It will have to be your own personal preference.

    It's just very personal.

    Some prefer the old victorian look, some other ones contemporary. Color plays with it too.

    I guess in your case it will be a choice of what's available and second your budget.
    a.) The Napoleon one will be the cheapest one with the least automatic functions.
    b.) The Harman we all know is a good product not cheap but not easy to get because of their back-orders
    c.) The Austroflamm or so called Rika is a relative newcomer with an excellent product but price-wise higher than the other ones and probably available.

    As already mentioned before go to the manufacturers side and download the user manual. There you will find a lot of useful info, concerning how the product works.
    You will see big differences in their capabilities and how you have to operate them.

    In my personal opinion, I would shop around with some of your local dealers (local support is better than Internet) to work out a good price.
    Personally I just don't like to order items in this price class from the Internet.
    How much do you save compared to the Internet????? and where would be the support if you need help????
    Just my 2cents

    hint: Do a search for your products on this side and it will help you quite a lot.
    Let us know how's going - lol
  5. lpgreg

    lpgreg Member

    Dec 26, 2007
    central mi.
    This is what I have and recomend

    Profile® 30 INS shown with Nickel trim kit.

    Profile® INS
    Whitfield® Pellet-Burning Fireplace Insert

    The Profile® 30 fireplace insert delivers a higher degree of convenience, efficiency and comfort. Start-up is incredibly easy with the FastFire™ self-igniter and suddenly you have a bright, vibrant fire that delivers up to 38,000 BTU heating. With exceptional fuel capacity and up to 41 hours of continuous operation, the Profile 30 exemplifies why homeowners love the performance of pellet.

    Attractive bay-view design with gold or nickel accents brings the fire experience into the room for a beautiful decorative touch.
    High-efficiency combustion output levels produces a customizable and vibrant fire experience – for the ultimate enjoyment.
    Exclusive air wash system prevents ash build-up on the viewing glass for unobstructed fire viewing.
    A single load of pellets provides up to 30 hours of continuous warmth.
    Patented UltraGrate™ achieves nearly 100% combustion and emits just 1.9 grams of particulate per hour – eight times less than federal emissions standards.
    Up to 38,000 BTUs per hour with heating efficiency of 81% ensures continuous warmth when you need it most.
    Wall-mount thermostat allows automatic, customized control of the room temperature.
    Ease of Operation
    Largest ash pan available requires emptying only 2–3 times a year – eliminating constant cleaning.
    Standard self-igniter and thermostat makes starting fire quick and easy.
    Large, 50-lb. hopper and innovative automatic feed system eliminate constant tending to the fire and burnout.
    Enabled to burn both Premium- and Standard-grade wood pellet fuel with up 3% ash content.* *As defined by the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI)
    Design Versatility
    Optional decorative log set adds to the attractive look and realism, and trim kits allow you to customize to your room décor.
  6. Jakethepup

    Jakethepup New Member

    Aug 3, 2008
    Central Kentucky
    I would like to thank everyone for their help and input, with a purchase like this it is nice to be able to communicate with people who has experience with they type of heating equipment.

    I talked with a dealer who has recommended, a Sierra EF4001 he said that this insert has 65,000 btu output, however when I do a web search I only find that this stove is rated around 38,000 btu, maybe I am missing something. When doing searches just via the web this is one stove that I never made a hit on, so I have not really read much information on this stove. One thing I do like it has a Battery which will allow the stove to work with power outages.

    I plan on meeting with him at his shop on Friday, and look at the stove. This is the quote he gave me on the stove see what you think. The insert, nickel plated trim, with installation, about 3,300.00.

    One other question is a wireless remote/thermostat is that something I should consider?
  7. Shortstuff

    Shortstuff Feeling the Heat

    Jun 5, 2008
    Southeastern MA
    I really don't know anything about the Sierra insert, but you can find information about it here. Just click on the picture and you can see the specs.

    When I bought my stove, I initially purchased a remote thermostat to go with it, but quickly realized that I could not program the remote to different temps at different times (lower at night for example). There are some who like them, but I returned it and will use a regular programmable one.

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