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  1. martin934

    martin934 New Member

    Dec 12, 2013
    I have a vermont castings winterwarm small. Have had since 2006. Has worked well with regular maintenance. Lately is has been smoking back into the room like crazy when the door opens. Usually a chimney clean does the trick. This time no dice. When the chimney sweep didn't work, I called a professional sweep. Cleaned again, says it is clear.

    I'm focused on the primary air control on the side of the unit. the unit seems air starved. Simple lever that raises and closes a damper over a door. The air inlet seems to be under the burn area in the fire box, near the cleanout (pictured below.) I can't figure out how the air gets into the firebox. There is a lip. I'm wondering if cleaning it out with compressed air will help? That large flat head screw on the front side of the box won't budge, but seems to be part of the entire side anyway.

    The secondary air inlet (pictured below) is open. So I don't think it's contributing to the problem.

    VC doesn't answer email and the dealer that sold it to me has been unresponsive. I'm on my own.

    20131211_195257.jpg 20131211_195334.jpg 20131211_195306.jpg 20131212_174103.jpg 20131211_195257.jpg 20131211_195334.jpg
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  2. K_G_1

    K_G_1 Member

    Sep 30, 2011
    Western Md
    Did you ever figure out anything with this problem? I have the same stove and am suffering from a similar problem with mine.

  3. jimmol

    jimmol Member

    Apr 26, 2008
    Genessee Township, MI
    Did you ever find your problem? I have a WinterWarm Small, but it is working fine. Don't want to start handing out advice if it is not needed.

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