Another chimney fire thread.

flhpi Posted By flhpi, Dec 7, 2012 at 4:49 PM

  1. flhpi

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    Last year a friend was having issues with his stove and chimney. It had issues of building up creosote and not having proper draft. I explained the importance of lining the chimney and how the hot gases leave the stove pipe then hit a larger diameter masonry chimney and will slow down then creosote.

    With cost in mind he didn't worry about lining the chimney and also moved the stove in the basement due to space issues upstairs. I helped him move it to the basement and told him again about lining the chimney and the importance of a proper install.

    He had a chimney fire this week and thankfully only the chimney is damaged and not the whole house. His family had to evacuate and stay with his parents for the night. When I talked to him on the phone he was asking about lining the chimney and what all he needs to do to make it safe.

    I am fully aware that I am a bit fanatical when it comes to wood stoves, chimneys and my firewood stash ( two years stocked). There are times when I see the glazed over look when I start to go into detail of the importance of proper clearances, chimney lining and height, seasoned wood and air flow management. However, I am the person that all my friends and family go to when they have issues or questions. Hopefully my friend will do it right or not at all. I don't think his wife will let him half ass it this time. He was lucky. Let's face it, nobody is immuned to the laws of physics or mother nature. I know that I am preaching to the choir but needed to vent a little.
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    Amen Brother flhpi.
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  3. Jags

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    Be the good friend that you are and stick with him on the new install. I have always said that fire and wire will kill you if not done properly.
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    I am the same! My friend Jamie just put in a epa stove but before that he had a "slammer". A fellow who's car he works on is local sweep and knew of the set up and told jamie, " how do you sleep at night"! I had been telling him that too. Now he safe and sound and warm and most importantly, so are his children!

    Btw the call me the wood nazi...:-D
  5. etiger2007

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    You can take the horse to the water but you cant make it drink, You did the right thing by telling him the right way to do things unfortunately he had to learn the hard way. Thank god no one was hurt. I bet he does everything you tell him on the next install. Good job flhpi
  6. firefighterjake

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    Some folks learn their lesson the hard way . . . and some folks do it the easy way.
  7. begreen

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    We get so many people logging on here trying to save a dime and paying no attention to the cost of losing everything. I'm really glad to hear that everyone is all right. I think it's good they had to abandon the house for a day. That probably helped impress on them how close they came to losing it all. Sounds like the meditation time is doing some good. Stick with them and also suggest that they log on here for advice if needed. And be sure they have functional and active smoke detectors installed!

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