Another way to stack wood end grain verticle

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Mar 18, 2006 at 12:59 PM

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  1. elkimmeg


    I do not know if there is a name loke Holtz but one theory is that wood stacked in a cone like arangement drys faster
    unlike the holz method, the splits or logs are end grains are facing upward allowing gravity to help drain the moisture. It is also claimed the wood dries faster than conventional stacking If I get time today I will try to essemble one to supply a picture
  2. elkimmeg


    I have the honey do list a mile long. Including replacing two old Alumium Sliders
    My special orderm Atrium wood with grills in the glass, has arrived at Home Crapo. Got to pick them up this morning
  3. Mo Heat

    Mo Heat
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    Nov 18, 2005
    St. Louis, Missouri
    elk, Interesting, I guess all roads lead to Rome. I've now seen it said that a majority of drying occurs from the end grain (U.S. Forest Products web site), but somewhere else says wood dries faster if split, and my experience agrees. A clear contradiction. I've seen one place (GransFors Axe site) say always place the bark down when stacking as otherwise, it prevents water from evaporating upwards and slows drying. Now it is said that wood dries quicker if water can flow down and out. Then... wood stacks are supposed to dry faster when more surface is exposed to the sun and wind, but the holz hausen method flies in the face of that.

    Sheesh. Who are we to believe? This is as bad as selecting a stove. Seems to boil down to just picking the method or stove that tickles your fancy.
  4. MountainStoveGuy

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    Jan 23, 2006
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    My drying method consists of throwing it in a big pile untill i feel like stacking it, it kind goes along with my end of year stove mantinance theroy.
  5. elkimmeg


    Direct replacements no structural header work required. If it were, I just might be able to figure it out
    Yook 2 hours to pick them up from Home Crapo. Nobody in the store was licenced to operate a folklift. I had to wait
    for someone they called in. This is after I had called in 2 hours in advance to notify of my intended pickup. They are
    created and nailed and braced to the crate both together 4 could not lift it. I will have to dissessemble them to move them
    Imagine the task of roping something six feet wide and sticking up 7' above the pickup truck bed. I did make it safely home the 10 miles.

    Mo we are takling splits stacked around a center pole stacked vertical . My stuff is so dry here no need to try this method but for illustration. Just another neat way to do it. I always have done the pallets rectangle stacks exposed to the sun and wind. I processed it two years before use. Top covered from Sept to April the rest of the warmer months no cover, unless I can think of it before a soaking rain
  6. Todd

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    Nov 19, 2005
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    Do you have any references or links for this cone stacking method? Maybe I'll put one next to my Holzhaufen.
  7. elkimmeg


    If I see one or stack one I will post a picture
  8. Mike Wilson

    Mike Wilson
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    Nov 19, 2005
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    Likewise. And if your end of season maintenance is anything like mine, you are invited over for a drink anytime.

    -- Mike
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