Any Split Fire woodsplitter owners

charly Posted By charly, Feb 10, 2010 at 5:29 PM

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  1. charly


    Looking to get a splitter that will do 28 inch pieces of wood. Measured my Paxo 60 fire box, and they'll fit no problem. I have a SuperSplit that will do 24's , so that will probably go up for sale. I see Split Fire offers a 30 inch model. Just didn't want to buy something and be disappointed. Anyone split with a longer splitter and what brand?
  2. wellbuilt home

    wellbuilt home
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    Jul 6, 2008
    I have used both splitters .
    Even with a 30 " splitter it take much longer to split 30 " wood .
    A log 24 " long will split in 8 "of ram travel .
    The 30" log will need 16" of travel to split the wood and handling the rounds will be much harder .
    Your SS is faster then the SF.
    I even gave up splitting 24" rounds because its much harder then 20/ 21" rounds.
    I think a timber wolf with a 4 or 6 way wedge is really the only splitter for long rounds . John
  3. charly


    OK, Thanks John. I'm also going to look at American Log Splitters. Family owned for thirty years, as I was told. Seem like good people..Charlie ;-)
  4. zechmabl


    Mar 15, 2009
    NorthCentral Pa

    I have been looking to buy a decent used splitter. If you do decide to sell your SS, would you keep me in mind? I'd like the oportunity to buy yours. I live near Sayre, Pa, so, it wouldn't be too far of a drive for me. My dad has had his SS since 1978, but, he lives too far away for me to borrow his easily.
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