Avalon Astoria FS arrived, but......

imacman Posted By imacman, Jul 31, 2008 at 12:21 AM

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  1. imacman


    It's a used dealer showroom model built in Sept. of '05, and I bought it "as is" for a pretty good price (it was only used for 2 winters just to show customers how it worked), but it had no owners manual, thermostat, scraper rod, brush, or fuses.

    A couple of questions:

    1. The manual I downloaded (copyright 2007) from the web shows a control panel that has all electronic controls. On mine, under the label "Heat Output" there are 2 knobs instead, labeled "Low-Med-Hi"....am I to assume that the top one is the "heat" and the bottom one is the "fan"?

    2. Since it didn't come w/ a wall thermostat, can I use an electronic programmable one, like a Lux PSP511LA? I'd really like to be able to program it.

    3. I just finished doing a very thorough cleaning of the stove, and am going to start it up outside tomorrow....if I need parts, what is the best place to order them from? (low/reasonable price, have parts in stock, etc, etc)

    Thanks everybody for any help you can give
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  3. imacman


    Thank you!!!!

    Any opinion of the Astoria? good things, horror stories???
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