Carbon Monoxide Detectors Laws in MA.

elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Mar 23, 2006 at 12:38 PM

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  1. elkimmeg


    As of March 31 every residential dwelling unit that has fuel burning appliances, will be required to have carbon monoxide
    detectors present. Rental units will be inspected by the fire depts. . Every home transfer will require monoxide detectors certificate of inspections. The same deal as the current smoke detector regs.
    Currently only hard wired and battery operated detectors satisfy requirements . Plug in ones do not meet the permanency requirement.
    We debated it here as to locations. Due to turbulence of air, it has been discovered , the ceiling or wall locations equally detect monoxide presence. Basically one detector has to be located in the room of the fuel burning appliance, or in a cellar in the general vicinity, another has to be located outside the bedrooms, another has to be located in attached garages or garage unders

    Basically follow the existing smoke detector locations at the beginning of your stairways and in the hall outside your bedrooms add one to the garage and if the basement is finished off then one in the boiled room
  2. velvetfoot

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    Dec 5, 2005
    Sand Lake, NY
    I recently bought two firex hardwired co/smoke combo detectors (with battery backup) and replaced the firex smoke-only detectors on the first floor and the basement. My experience was that it was extremely easy to do and all the detectors alarm if one alarms. There is at least one maker of combo detectors that communicate by radio, for those without a hardwired system.
  3. fbelec

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    so a ranch house would normally have one in the basement at the boiler and one at the bedroom hall area but if you have a wood, coal, oil or gas stove in the livingroom you would have to have one there also am i right?
  4. elkimmeg


    I would agree but I have seen the language of this code requirement schange many times since June 2005
    The language now can change next week to be that of only fosil fuel appliances meaning wood stoves and pellet/corn
    would not require their presense in the same room. However it is a good idea whether code dictates it or not
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