Chaps: STIHL Full Wrap Chaps (a closer look)

Bigfoot Posted By Bigfoot, May 11, 2013 at 8:50 PM

  1. Bigfoot


    Sep 29, 2009
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    I made a quick video, no big deal but here it is

    I dont want to over run the other chaps thread so heres a stihl thread

    yesterday I got my first ever keeper chaps, made by stihl 139.99 full wrap. Last Week I originally got the apron chaps in my regular inseam size but I tried them on after I got home & they were short & I didn't like the back being open that much + I realized they were only 6 layers of protection. I immediately returned them to my dealer to exchange them in for full wrap 9 layer chaps, the kind with the straps, 4 sizes longer then my normal inseam size (36). I too only use them on the ground. Last evening I tried them for the first time, they were heavy. I buckled the one around my waist, one around my thigh & 3 behind my calves. They were the perfect length & will now cover my boots so no dust in my socks. They are safety orange color. It was 79 degrees when I was wearing them, I can feel the heat around my calves. The kids thought they were cool & looked like snow board pants. I like them & am keeping them. Easy to wash, takes 25 seconds to put them on, not too hot ( deal with it, safety first for me ) & very comfortable. I can see my self wearing them all day & not think twice, I wore them for about 1 hour, cut a bunch of cookies & no dust in my shows when I took them off, shorts were nice to have on underneath.
    I imagine the husqvarna brand is similar in style. Forget brands for a second, I chose full wrap, to me more comfortable, I can leave them on when driving in woods to scrounge wood. I'm not worried about snagging the straps. I like how the back is open & allows the air to flow 9 layers -Mike
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  2. NH_Wood

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    America's Next Stihl Top Model! Good on you for caring about good PPE. Cheers!
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  3. Sean McGillicuddy

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    Nice video.
    Sounds like my house!
    Macaws ?
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    Little less dancing and a lot more action. ;)
  5. velvetfoot

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    Looks like thye have less of a tendency to twist around on the legs.

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