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Huntindog1 Posted By Huntindog1, Jan 24, 2013 at 2:57 PM

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    Is that your stove for sale?
    The ad states this is a 1974 model year. Double door stoves didn't exist until 1976. fisher only had single door stoves in 1974 with a chrome ball and straight handle.
    The double doors had stars with 76 in the large star on right door. Early '77 models still had the stars with no date. These also had a round door seal.
    The spring handles on this stove are the latest type spring making it a late 1978, or 1979.
    Making it a '78 or '79 Grandma.

    Please don't burn wood on a fireplace grate inside a stove. Wood burns best in a bed of ash as least an inch deep.

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