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Cleaned Boost Baffle In The PE, Way Better Burn

Post in 'The Hearth Room - Wood Stoves and Fireplaces' started by Doing The Dixie Eyed Hustle, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Doing The Dixie Eyed Hustle

    Doing The Dixie Eyed Hustle Minister of Fire

    May 27, 2008
    Ridge, LI, NY
    The stove was cool enough when I got home tonight to take out the baffle, and get all the ash swept up & out. Reinstalled said boost baffle correctly :) I hadn't cleaned it since the end of November.

    Not to bad, but glad I did it, mostly build up on the outsides of the firebox front, including the 2 holes on the farthest left & right of the baffle. This would explain the lack of air flow on the outside of the firewood that I was seeing before. Also explains the coaling problem I was having, again on the outside areas. .

    We're going down to 40ish tonight, and I think the PE is going to be called on to do the job for the whole house.

    It's burning wayyyy better ;-)

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