Q&A Construction of masonry fireplace throat and damper area.

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    Is the dimension from the opening ( room side ) to the damper crucial ? smoke always seemed to circulate out toward the room at the lip of the opening. In my case it seems that if the room side edge was dropped by a couple of inches the smoke would not enter the room. Is there a formula as to size of the damper relating how high up the chimney it should be installed for maximum efficiency of the fireplace. Thank you Guy


    There are many rules of thumb regarding construction of the damper area and smoke chamber (area above the damper) of a fireplace. These also relate to the size of the fireplace opening and the size/height of the flue. The combination of all these factors is more of an art than a science. There are old "Rumford" designs with small flues and shallow fireboxes that are more efficient than deep fireplaces. You'll find more information at www.rumford.com.

    Another article on flue and fireplace sizing at:

    Link: Flue and Fireplace article sizing

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