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    I recently purchased a Vermont Casting Intrepid II and have yet to install it in my house as a free standing unit.

    My question is will the Intrepid II be enough stove for this room? I would like to heat more than just this room, maybe not the whole house but a few more rooms would be nice. Should I consider returning the Intrepid II for a slightly larger stove, possibly the VC Resolute? I was told not to oversize as more problems could arise. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


    At first glance, I would agree that you could step up. I used an Acclaim in a 14 x 24 room with a regular ceiling in the Mid Atlantic area with no overheat problems.

    In general, if one is undecided between two sizes of stove, it is often better to get the larger one. On the Hearth.com discussion forums, there are very few complaints about having a stove that is to large compared to the many about having a stove that is to small.

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