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Doolittle Trailers?

Post in 'The Gear' started by Danno77, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Danno77

    Danno77 Minister of Fire

    Oct 27, 2008
    Hamilton, IL
    Does anyone here have a doolittle trailer? They make one that I kinda like, but wasn't sure about quality. I'd like a trailer that will last and is fairly inexpensive. One that will haul over a ton should be plenty big. I know it's nice to have a trailer that can haul anything, but I have access to BIG ones if I need to borrow them. For my own use I think filling up the pickup bed and a 2500lb trailer should be enough work for a day. The trailer I'm specifically interested in is a 608HD and it's payload is 2640 (GVWR is 2990). It's a 5x8 and costs just a smidge under $1000. Does that seem like a decent deal for a new trailer? it does to me, but I'd like to hear what y'all have to say....

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  2. stee6043

    stee6043 Minister of Fire

    Aug 22, 2008
    West Michigan
    I bought a Kaufman trailer early last year and was extremely impressed with their customer service and their pricing. I found a 2990lbs 10 footer on their website just now for $995.00. They even deliver (for a charge).


    I picked up a 20 foot 8,000lbs trailer from them for a great price and they brought it to me in Michigan for a couple hundred more. I'd highly recommend these guys...the trailer I have is rock solid and has been semi-routinely loaded with a scoosh more than rated loads...

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