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sailor61 Posted By sailor61, Jan 28, 2013 at 5:08 PM

  1. sailor61

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    Nov 28, 2006
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    Neighbor stopped by to see the newly installed stove. He has some sort of an insert..not sure what or the vintage. He came in and said "a day like this, I was positive you would have it burning" I replied "it's been burning for a week" "Oh, I couldn't smell it when I cam in the house..." And I had just fed it for the late afternoon/evening.... so if someone comes in and doesn't smell when I've just had the door open for several minutes it must be drawing pretty well.

    I will find fault with one design point on the FV..the door is pretty with its pointed sort of gothic arch but I would prefer having the door opening the entire height that would be possible with a squared door.

    I'm thinking 6 inches higher, so raised off the floor would be great. Come summer I might think about building a cement block base and covering it in the same slate I used on the hearth. Have plenty of room with the flue liner since the stove is in front of a raised fireplace. The door being on the small side would be less of an issue if it was up higher.
  2. pen

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    One of the nicest compliments you can receive IMO! Well done!

    When switching from the fisher to the 30, the only concern that my wife had was that it would stink the house up. She grew up in a home where wood burning happened, but not as it should be done, and never wanted to smell like smoke again.

    Soooo, pics ??? :p

  3. jeff_t

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    My insurance agent said the same thing, when he came to take pictures of my install.
  4. NortheastAl

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    Dec 30, 2012
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    My wife did not want to change from our pellet stove to a wood burner for the exact reason of the supposed smell. Well, now she is happy we did.

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