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DVL Stove Adapter to NC30 collar

Post in 'The Hearth Room - Wood Stoves and Fireplaces' started by adams614, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. adams614

    adams614 Member

    Nov 26, 2011
    I'm on the final stretch of a NC30 install and had a question on this part.

    I ordered a Stove adapter to go on the 30 before the DVL pipe starts but it is not sitting tight in the top of the stove. The crimped end needs to fit snug in the collar of the stove and it is not. Do I just need to force it a bit more than I am?

    the NC30 has 3 screw holes on the collar, the DVL blocks these. Should I just get some longer screws and go through the outside pipe into the crimped collar? Should I place some high temp silicone here as well?

    Thanks so much for any help.

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  2. Ryan Clark

    Ryan Clark New Member

    Oct 12, 2012
    Eagle Bridge, NY
    Are you trying to install the DVL in the collar right off the stove? I snugged my pipe in and tapped it tight with a mallet and block of wood. I used an adapter to go into the horizontal run going through the wall. Being new at owning a 30, i wouldn't want to use double wall right off the stove. But that is just my setup.
  3. DexterDay

    DexterDay Guest

    I had to grind some of the weld out (inside collar). As have others who used DVL.

    I think member greythorn3 had a thread last season about this. We both installed our 30's about the same time.

    I have to grind the collar and he next problem I had was with the Close Clearance adapter (DVL-Thimble-Class A). That little connector is a PITA.
  4. webby3650

    webby3650 Master of Fire

    Sep 2, 2008
    Sometimes a little trimming is needed.Just measure out the holes in the flue collar, transfer those measurements to the adapter, then pre-drill through the outer wall and secure with SS screws. You might need to tap it down a bit to get it snug.
  5. DexterDay

    DexterDay Guest

  6. BobUrban

    BobUrban Minister of Fire

    Jul 24, 2010
    Central Michigan
    I don't mind the gap at the top of my stove - never even thought about it until I read this thread. Mine is Duravent and I don't have any scews at the stove - just up top. Mine sets in very snug and gravity is my friend. I think putting screws at the bottom is overkill but others may feel differently.

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