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Roadstar Posted By Roadstar, Jan 18, 2013 at 3:22 PM

  1. Roadstar


    Mar 11, 2011
    Puyallup, WA
    Man o’ man do I have bad luck with Fasco sealed bearing convection blowers. I just replaced my third in five years. This last one didn’t even make it a full two years. I just don’t get it. What’s funny (maybe not) is my 18 year old Breckwell P24i still has the original combustion blower and auger motor. The combustion blower bearings need oiling every year so that’s why I’m whining about sealed bearings not lasting.

    I don’t believe there is another manufacture than makes convection blowers for Breckwell. I haven’t found one yet.

    Sorry, I just wanted to vent.
  2. kinsmanstoves

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    Aug 29, 2007
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    Do not blame Fasco. Breakwell motors have their own specification that Fasco uses. Almost everyother stove out there has Fasco blowers and they last 2 or 3 times longer.

    Just saying
  3. SmokeyTheBear

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    You can also get replacement bearings for them and if you upgrade the bearings used you may get a lot more rotation out of the motor.
  4. CT Pellet

    CT Pellet
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    Dec 1, 2012
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    No no no...venting is good...It makes you taller, younger and smarter. Go ahead and vent! But Fasco doesn't suck. What sucks is that you have ripped through three of these things in five years. That sucks! And 3 in five years is two too many. And I'd be pissed too..believe me.
    But if everyone stopped buying anything that someone said "Sucked" anonymously online, then none of us would have anything that we COULD buy. But yes, I agree....your deal there sucks. Good luck.
  5. Don2222

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    Feb 1, 2010
    Salem NH

    You do have some options here. I work on Breckwells and this what the pellet stove master found.
    The Fasco motor is mounted on the right side of the squirrel cage compared to the Enviro and other stove's convection blowers where the motor is mounted on the left side looking into the mounting flange.

    Here are the OEM Breckwell Convection blower specs
    Made by
    Fasco Industries, Inc.
    Motor Division
    Assembled in Mexico

    No 702112105
    v115 Hz 60 A1.5
    Breckwell Part # C-E-033

    I called Breckwell tech support and they told me it is 120 CFM. However they could not tell me the RPM ! ! !
    The mounting flange is 4-3/8" across the top and 4" down the side. Which is common.

    So, I found this B24220 with a nice dust screen on the intake.
    It is rated at 135 CFM so it should push out just as much air or more!
    The RPM spec on the site says 2600 RPM but on the motor label it says 3200 RPM ! ! !

    Unfortunately, tried two of these blowers but the amount of air it was pushing out was not as good as the original OEM Breckwell ! ! !
    All show and not so much go, partly do to the fact it is less current than the original but mostly due to the motor and frame type and blower design.
    Specs on motor label
    Made by
    Fasco Industries, Inc.
    Motor Division
    N. 70214399 Type U21 T.P. AO
    115v 50/60 Hz
    1.3A 3200 RPM 1/25 HP
    Model B24220
    LR36496 M2412

    Then I got an Englander convection blower from a 25-PDVC. It is smaller in size and rated at 1.1 Amps but cranks out 140 CFM ! ! ! Englander makes quality parts at a very good price. When I tested it, we could feel much more air coming out then the B24220 above and it is comparable to the OEM Breckwell.
    All you have to do is drill 4 holes in the corner of the mounting flange to match the Breckwell bolt pattern. See http://www.englanderstoves.com/store/25-PDVC_Parts.html

    You can also order the Breckwell from their web site.
  6. Ironhorse74


    Oct 24, 2009
    The Great Pacific North Wet
    I probably shouldn't say this. Company I work for decided they had had it with Fasco blowers in 2001 or so. We switched to Jenko blowers. Had eight glorious years with nary a blower problem. All of a sudden it went to hell out of nowhere. We called Jenko and they answered the phone "Fasco, how can we help you"

    Yep Fasco bought Jenko.
  7. Wachusett

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    Apr 12, 2010
    Wachusett Reservoir, MA.
    What difference would that make? Does one spin CW the other CCW?
  8. Pellet-King

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    Nov 30, 2008
    Northern Ct
    Still have my original convection blower must be 14+ yr's old, cleaned the squirrel cage once maybe 4 yr's ago, was pretty full of crud but never noticed any less air blowing out the front, and it blows alot of hot air out on a 3
    My kids use it to blow dry there hair!
  9. Don2222

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    Feb 1, 2010
    Salem NH
    The difference is that it will not physically fit into the stove. I tried it!
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