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    You've had similar questions before, but let's try again, just in case there is something new in this area...

    We live in a condo, 24 floors up, no gas and no chimney. My girlfriend would like to have a fireplace (wouldn't we all).

    I know that having a propane tank indoors is not legal. Are there other alternatives? I have a large deck... How far away from the "inside" would the tank have to be. I hate the idea of this big tank sitting between me and my view. Got any ideas (besides moving or getting a new girlfriend)?


    There are real nice electric and alcohol fireplaces. It's probably not legal for you to have LP tanks up there connected to an indoor fireplace.

    Try http://www.innohearth.com and http://heatnglo.com for electric fireplaces.

    Link: Innohearth Electric Fireplaces

    Link: Heat n Glo Electric Fireplaces

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