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Fisher Mama Bear Vintage?

Post in 'Fisher Stove Information, Parts, History and More' started by minute_basset, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. minute_basset

    minute_basset New Member

    Oct 22, 2011
    Central VT
    Hi all,

    I originally posted this under "All Things Fisher", but perhaps it's just better here...

    Newbie here. I moved into a house last year in VT and inherited a Fisher stove. From what I have read here (wow!), I have a Mama bear, pre UL. The previous owners built the house in the early 70s and the stove had been used as a primary heat source and regularly maintained. It looks to be in great condition. We've used it a fair amount and it can get to where it's really throbbing. There's no rust and looks to be original in every way including the funky bear feet stamped with "Fisher Stove" on the top of the feet.

    We're renovating the house and decided to go with a pellet stove. I'd like to confirm what I have and decide whether or not to keep it for the garage, or if we decide to sell it, find out what a reasonable price would be. Unfortunately I don't have a camera at the moment to post any pictures. So here's my best to describe it:

    The stove is all black with black cast door.

    - 29.5" L x 17 3/8" W x 30"H (in back) 24 5/8" H (in front).

    - 6" diameter back exit.

    - It has a one piece top.

    - The legs are one piece angle iron in each corner of the stove and begins to taper slightly below the fire box to the ground.

    - The door is 14"H x 13" W and has 4 raised cast trees and what looks like 2 all cast screw vents. It reads "Fisher" across the top of the door, "Patent No D237788" centered just below the vent knobs, and "other patents pendg" across the bottom The handle has the spiral wire knobby tip.

    - Pin Hinges are on the right.

    - 4 shiny bear feet although their claws don't seem as pointy as some I have seen. The toes are aligned with the square receptor.

    - There's no baffle, just fire brick secured with bent iron brackets. It does look like we're ready for some new firebrick along the back. (6 along the sides and what looks like 3 1/2 along the back) .

    - I haven't found any other stamps or plates anywhere on the stove.

    The previous owners told us a few people were very interested in the stove if we didn't want it including the guy who maintains it. Which led me to researching it's history. Very cool... We were thinking of using it in the new garage, but we didn't design in a proper chimney as we were running out of $$, so I'm not sure how we could really use it out there.

    So, what does the experienced peanut gallery think? Is there anyway to install it in the garage with out a brick chimney? It's a 2 story garage/barn building.

    If we sell it, what would be a good price to ask? It could use to be buffed up to make it sparkle, but it's in pretty good shape (especially compared to some of the "before" pictures I've seen here - a new paint job, some new fire brick, and I would see if we could upgrade it with some sort of baffle design. (The fire chief told me he had been out at our house a few times cleaning the chimney at 1 am due to chimney fires with the previous owners. We wouldn't want any of that!).

    I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

    By the way, I just saw a set of 4 bear feet on ebay sell for $123!

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  2. coaly

    coaly Fisher Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    NE PA
    First, the stove is worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

    I'm not an installation expert, but there is usually more than one way to install a chimney in any case. No one knows your particulars without looking at the building. It's a matter of being cost effective. Dura-Vent Class A chimney right now is $199 at Home Depot for a "through the ceiling kit". $299 for a "Through the wall kit". This doesn't include the most expensive part, the insulated chimney sections (or connector pipe). http://www.duravent.com/docs/product/L150_Apr2011.pdf
    Lowes sells an insulated "pack" type chimney. The deciding factor for me would be how many acres you have to harvest your own wood, or the cost to obtain it. A $2000 chimney built for a $200 stove is worth it to me since I have enough acreage to heat for "free" as long as I can do it. If I had to buy the wood, I would be held to using whatever chimney existed.

    I can tell you something about your feet;
    If you want top dollar, historically they sell for the most during winter on eBay. $192 was the most I've seen them go for, and during the summer I found a Buy it Now for $35 and hit it quick. They ended up being the best set I have "new in box", never on the floor, never had a stove in them. Selling them with the stove you won't get anymore for it. I've bought stoves for $80 and $100 with the angled type feet included in good shape.
    Angled is the most common, then the straight forward facing type with "Fisher Stove" across the top, then the forward facing type without the lettering across the top.
    The straight forward facing feet will not have claws like the angled type.
    There were a few reproductions poured with cast iron that are very poor. They were sold on eBay years ago and the buyers left him have it. Haven't seen them since. (one of his feedbacks was " good only for weights fishing for Albacore") I have a foundry lined up willing to cast them in solid brass (originals are plated) and would like to find the straight set without lettering for the mold at a reasonable price. I just haven't come across a cheap selling stove with that style going with it.

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  3. 300S

    300S New Member

    Apr 30, 2013
    I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that the feet I have are indeed Fisher. The above post noted that the straight forward feet will not have claws, but mine do. Are these more in demand than the more common angled type? Thanks in advance.

  4. coaly

    coaly Fisher Moderator Staff Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    NE PA
    Canadian; They need more traction up there.

    No, I'm not serious. I have no idea. Different foundry with different mold?

    The knock offs were unplated cast iron. (and not the cast iron with black oxide finish - they were plain cast with no finish)

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