Gaining some knowledge and experience after burning a few hoppers full

offingmoot Posted By offingmoot, Oct 6, 2008 at 10:30 PM

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  1. offingmoot

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    Jul 15, 2008
    Central/South Jersey
    i was having issues with flame heights and feed adjustment, i have pine and hardwood pellets
    after burning 2 full bags of pine pellets and a 2 full bags of the hardwood, i have no issues
    everything is running smooth except for smoke outside of the insert on startup once
    i probably have about 75 hours total burning so far

    i went right from one to the other with no feed adjustment
    i have it just about midway and the flames look perfect with both
    a little high on the pine, but its a brighter flame and they give much more heat
    i got 12 hours out of one 40lb hopper of pine
    and 17 hours/hopper for the hards, both on high the entire time
    pine has more flyash, and made the glass dirty, and if you leave the ash in the burnpot it kilnkers up in a day or so, but i'll tell ya there is no comparing the amount of heat that they put out, it was a major difference

    the hards have a better smell, very strong heat and lasted longer, it was a more steady, consistent heat, almost seemed like they filled the house better too, if that is possible

    i have a feeling i will have a need for both qualities throughout the winter
    shoulder seasons, like now are good for the pine to get the chill out on a cold night and the hards will be good when i need to run 24/7
    i had originally anticipated 24 hours out of one hopper so its a good thing i have an extra ton out in the shed

    i found the best results with 2 fans blowin the cold air towards my insert and the ceiling fans on low blowin down, only problem is when you need to walk towards one of the floor fans its drafty as heck
    seems like the heat gets to the back of the floor fan, so as i move it deeper into a room the heats move deeper as well

    i have only left it burning with the house empty fo 5 hours and i have to admit i was nervous and i am nervous about leaving again, i think its gonna take some time to build up confidence
  2. BadDad320

    Feeling the Heat

    Jul 13, 2008
    NW New Jersey
    I hear you on all you said buddy. I'm going through the same kind of stuff. Good to share info. Keep posting your results.
  3. offingmoot

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    Jul 15, 2008
    Central/South Jersey
    id like to hear your experience as well
    how are looking for the winter?
    i have confidence that it will be good for me.
  4. pelletwood


    May 1, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    We are also new to the leaving the stove burning while not at home thing.
    Started the stove on Sat. morning and left it run while we went out(not the first burn)
    When we got home the stove had shut down.
    The house was at the temp. that I set it to.
    The stove did not run on Sun.
    The stove is still on the temp. setting since Sat. went to work today and when I came home the stove had not burned all day.
    Still a little nervous, tonight I expect the stove to light during the night with the temps in the mid 30.
  5. imacman


    This is my first time burning a pellet stove too, but I have no problem leaving the stove running, or having it come on while we aren't home. I have the programmable 'stat set for 4:45 am, and when I got up at 5:45, the stove was on, and by the time I was showered and dressed at 6:30, the great room was a nice toasty 70. It shut off as I was leaving for work (6:40), and when I got home at 5:30, the house was again at 70.

    I never heard the oil beast....uh, I mean burner come on last night or this morning.
    I'm loving this (hmmmm....sounds like a Mickey D's commercial...LOL)
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