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    Re: gas fireplace I just recently moved into new home that has a gas fireplace. After running the fireplace for a few minutes the fireplaced turned off on it's own. I was hoping you might be able to give me some suggestions on what the problem might be. This fireplace has an electronic igniter. How often do you recommend I have the unit serviced and what should I be looking for when servicing?


    Could be quite a few things. Fireplaces with electric ignitors have a control sequence that goes something like this:

    1. turn gas on
    2. Spark to light gas
    3. Check for heat from gas
    4. Turn off the ignitor
    5. ongoing - check for heat at flue of fireplace - turn unit off if too little of too much heat.

    Based on that, it could be #3 or #5....

    My guess is that it is a relatively simple repair (sensor or wire) IF you get the right service person.

    Once it is working well, it should go for years with little or no service.

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