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    We live in the Charleston SC area and are trying to purchase Vent Free Gas Logs.

    We have a brick fireplace with a (insert?) from Majestic Huntington, Inc. model MBUC42. No one in the area can tell us the same story as to whether we can install Vent Free Gas Logs in this fireplace.

    I can't find Majestic Huntington but I did find you on the internet.


    Chances are that you have a pre-fab or zero clearance fireplace (you can tell by a metal chimney)..If so, it is OK to install vent free logs.

    If it is not a pre-fab, but a metal "insert" into a regular masonry fireplace..then you must remove the insert. I suspect the first instance is the most likely one. Majestic is a large company that makes pre-fab fireplaces so this is most likely your brand.


    Link: Majestic Products

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