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    I live in R.I. and have an arched brick fireplace. I don't have the dimensions handy- but it is a little oversized. My dilemma is this: local fireplace retailers are VERY expensive for antique brass and glass door systems- due to it being a custom shape/size. They say they'd have to come measure it w/ a template- then send an order out-of-state to have it custom-made. Being a big mail-order fan- I was just wondering if I could go that route on this??? Any suggestions you might have are greatly appreciated.


    In this case, the dealer may be right ! You can get arched doors- but they are $800 and up and have to be custom made....A template is also needed (you could make one)- but being this is a "custom" thing- the mail order might not work out ...that is you may not save much money. If the arch is slight- you might be able to buy a rectangular door to cover it. One company - Thermorite- makes square doors and then an arch top to cover the arch...around $600 total.

    Link: Thermo-Rite Doors

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