Harman Accentra - Desperate Help Needed

sspenc Posted By sspenc, Nov 18, 2012 at 2:19 PM

  1. sspenc

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    Nov 18, 2012
    Again, excellent advice, thank you. We won't be able to get back into the stove until next weekend... ugh :( Busy week, then traveling for the holiday. I'll update as soon as we can get back to work. In the meantime, hubby and I will study up! Thank you again!!

    Oh, we're in coastal north eastern MA... worst case scenario, we may be looking for a service technician in the area, haha. We'll try our best first of course!
  2. Lousyweather


    ok, as illiterated above, make a pigtail, unplug every motor, and test it independantly to line voltage. If they work, its not that "stuff".

    Now, perchance, is your hopper empty? take a look inside...is there a little yellow cyliner, about 1" tall, 1/2" diameter in there? If its clogged, your stove wont FEED. Check it out.

    As for the combustion blower....it really needs to be tested to line voltage, as nothing works without that. Some of those motors had aqn internal thermal fuse that would blow (cant be fixed), and that might be your issue. I stress that you should test all motors independantly with a pigtail.......this will pretty quickly help you eliminate things.

    FWIW, the vac switch is RARELY the culprit in this situation. Could be the clear plastic line coming from it is clogged or cracked tho. if you take the switch off, suck on the outlet, your should hear an audible click.....also, will get continuity at that point as well, but you need 3-4 hands to hold the switch and multimeter probes.
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    Oct 2, 2012
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    Here`s a manual in case you do not have one?


    A hearth maintenance link: (this one has a manual too) Try this first! >>>
  4. sspenc

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    Nov 18, 2012

    My husband used some PB Blaster and got the combustion fan motor out of the stove. He brought it up to Fallon's Home and Hearth in Hampton Falls, NH... he had been emailing the owner while we were gone for the holiday, and the owner was SO helpful. They tested it for him and said the motor was kaput, and they had a replacement in stock for cheap (I checked prices online, too, very competitive prices, great business). My husband put the new motor in the stove and its working fabulously now! Success!! We're so happy, and so thankful to the people at Fallon's and mostly to YOU ALL!! Not only did you help us diagnose and fix the problem, but you've taught us a lot about the stove in general, so we're set up for success in the future, as well! We're burning strong and staying warm. Thank you all again for our happy ending ==c

    For anyone with a similar problem, even though the fan on the combustion motor was moving freely, that was NOT an accurate test of whether the motor is working or not. Obviously, something INSIDE the motor was burned out, and like the people here suggested, you really have to test it to determine if it's dead or not. Luckily, a local dealer tested it for us (for free, again, amazing people up there). Thanks again!!!
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