Harman P68 has arrived!!!

stumper Posted By stumper, Aug 30, 2008 at 2:09 AM

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  1. stumper

    New Member

    Jul 17, 2008
    downeast ME
    After all the supposed delay problems of Harman and hassles of trying to locate another pellet stove and canceling a pellet delivery, the P68 stove I order last May has arrived at about the original date the dealer promised. Now as I stated earlier when all this Harman BS started weeks ago I was told the stove would not arrive until March and then the date moved to June. I took my deposit back knowing that money would be needed for another stove or fuel but asked the dealer to keep me on their list since I was on the first shipment. Two weeks ago before I purchased another stove I decided to call the dealer to see what the delivery situation was and they said there might be a shipment soon and to call back in a week. This I did on last Friday and was told now there may be stoves arriving in November. OK, I guess I'll get a different pellet stove. On Monday I get a call from the dealer saying the stove will be here tomorrow (Tues.) and do I want it and that they need to know today as there are others on the list. Of course it will cost $200 more do to a factory increase which I expressed my disapproval but having taken back the deposit I figured my previous receipt was void. Anyway I took the stove which is now in my finished basement ready to be installed. Though I was angry through all this from the beginning and expressed it to the dealer, I have to commend the dealer and thank them for all their patience and keeping me on the list even after I took back the deposit. By the way, the manufacturing date for the P68 is stamped August 2008.

    Stumper....... Maine
  2. newf lover

    newf lover
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    Jul 17, 2008
    Eastern CT
    That's great. I just asked my dealer last Saturday if he had received any P68s yet, and he said no. Maybe they'll start to trickle in now...Heaven only knows how they decide which dealers get what when. Glad someone got theirs anyway.
  3. Fixedblade


    Jul 31, 2008
    Northeast Kingdom of Vt.
    Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom of Vt: I ordered a P68 back in June and after a couple changes, had a delivery date of late October. My dealer called yesterday with the news it had just come in and ready to be picked up. Now I've got to quickly sell my old Englander, which I've been reluctant to part with until the P68 came in. I certainly had my doubts that I'd see it before heating season but am real happy to be proven wrong. I'm installing it myself as the vent is already there so the hookup shouldn't be much. I'm looking forward to turning down the oil heat this winter and relying more on the Harmon. The Englander just never put out the heat it should, in my opinion. I'll report in once I get it burning.

    FB in VT.
  4. lessoil

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    May 31, 2008
    Rumford, Maine
    Congrats to you both!!
    Our p61 was installed yesterday and I am quite happy to say the least!
    I am also looking forward to setting the furnace thermostat on 50 "Hold" and
    enjoying the warmth of the Harmon.

    Now to focus on the 5 tons of pellets that we ordered......
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