Harman Service for Pellet Stove Problem

Lumhqa Posted By Lumhqa, Feb 6, 2013 at 1:01 PM

  1. MSmith66

    Feeling the Heat

    Feb 5, 2008
    Central NY
    I hear you!!! I was asked to look at an install that "My Husband" did, when i told the lady that two cinder blocks were moved on her foundation due to the fact her husband beat a hole into the foundation with a sledge hammer, that i would not touch that and i would not be able to do anything for her. She got very upset with me, not her husband.
  2. Lousyweather


    yea, self installs can be....."interesting"......but, since the customer is always right, can also be a bit of a sticky wicket. How about the customer of ours who had the pellet stove, the wood stove, and the oil furnace all exhausting into the same 8x8 flue? :eek: We got there, decided that by NOT fixing the unit it was safer than fixed, told the customer about why this was a dangerous situation, and basically the answer we got, after being told we were fu&*!^g as&*^les, was that "it hasnt killed us yet, and its been 5 years...", but hey, the customer is always right.......test of time applies here? Its like playing Russian roulette.....the sixth guy to play figures its safe, because, heck, it didnt kill the other 5 guys at the table....
  3. Lousyweather


    well, can tell you from past experience what usually happens is, if for whatever reason (dealer dies, goes out of business, or even the customer wont allow them back in the house), Harman contacts the regional rep, and the regional rep gets with another retailer and asks them to service the unit. As the "other retailer", we simply get more warrantee money from Harman to fix the unit, due to the travel time, etc. So, not to be contrary and provocative, but since you didnt call another dealer or harman, you didnt really give them the chance to solve it? (maybe I am not seeing the whole picture here tho)
  4. rona

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    Apr 2, 2008
    southwestern Minn
    This was about the time Harman was being bought out by the outfit that owns Quadrafire and according to the powers that be I was lost in the shuffle as phone numbers were changed etc. What was supposed to happen didn't and and it left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth.

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