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    Hi I'm going crazy. The web has never let me down till now. About 15 years ago I read a Mother Earth News article about a swedish? heat system that installs outdoors, called a.....Hasa???? searching and searching please help


    You are talking about a haska, as I remember. These were promoted in ads in Mother Earth News for many years. I have not seen or heard about this genre for many years.

    Of similar type:

    1. HS Tarm Boilers - Can put hot water into storage and heat with it for hours (http://www.woodboilers.com)
    2. Central Boilers - Large outdoor water furnaces with high water (storage) capacity.
    3. Large Tile and Soapstone stoves - Indoor units by Tulikivi, KA-Heat and others.

    Link: Tarm Boilers

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